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Dear Sirs,
Please find below a simple questionnaire that will help both our companies to evaluate opportunities of co-operation for selling M&M products in your market.

On one side we will evaluate your structure and company philosophy, on the other side we will invite you to outline your market segments by industry type.

This will enable both of us to see how M&M range fits in to your present market and offer the basis for a mutually fruitful cooperation

Please use the guide below, to which we kindly ask you to add your comments:
a)  Your company profile
::* Company name
::* Company address
::* No. employees
::* No. salesmen
::* Date of foundation
::How long have you been dealing with solenoid valves?  
::Total turnover:       2017     2018 (forecast)
::How long have you been dealing with piston actuated valves?
::Do you regularly import goods from EU or other countries?
b)  Product Portfolio
Please list products and names of companies you represent, then please roughly estimate volume of each product line on your total turnover:
Product type % on turnover
c)  What are the main sales drivers for Solenoid valves in your market?
Give a score from 1 to 5 (1 low priority, 5 very important)
::price level ::quality level
::brand image ::service
::product range ::availability ex stock
d)  Main Players in your market for solenoid valves and air actuated on/off valves:
Please list products and names of companies you represent, then please roughly estimate volume of each product line on your total turnover:
Name Market share Main application field
Name Product range Price Service Distribution net Brand
e)  Please detail who are your main customers:
::big volumes OEM (> 25.000 pcs) ::total %
::Average/small OEM (max. 10.000 pcs) ::total %
::Distributors ::total %
::Wholesalers/Retailers ::total %
::Service&maintenance ::total %
::End Users ::total %
::Others ::total %
Please tick the industry segments that are more relevant in your territory:
OEM % on total turnover
Coffee machines
Vending machines
Milk machines
Ice cream machines
Milk derivated product industry
Machines for agriculture (feeding lines)
Bottling, canning, dosing, filling lines (packaging)
House appliances
Watering plants
Water treatment
Hydro cleaning machines
Hydro massage bath& Sanitary equipment
Industrial laundries
Car wash
Washing machines (public outlets)
OEM % on total turnover
Industrial plant engineering
Textile industry (dying machines)
Ironing machines
Glass industry
Paper printing industry
Plastic moulding machines
Air drying machines
Air compressors
Industrial welding equipment
Industrial air conditioning
Pressing and manufacturing installations
General industrial utilities (heating/cooling)
Medical appliances (dentist equipment)
Health-care appliances
Chemical industry
OEM % on total turnover
Pneumatic appliances
Hydraulic appliances
Electric appliances
Service&maintenance (specify applications if possible)
f)  Trade shows and exhibitions where you would participate with M&M products
g)  Do you make any advertisement on industrial magazines to promote your products?
NO YES (quote magazine name and target customers / fields)
h)  Please explain why you believe distributing M&M products would be a good business for your company:

We thank you for your kind co-operation and we look forward to receiving your kind comments in order to consolidate our co-operation.

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